The 10 Commadments

The Choice Model

We all seek freedom of choice and the ability to live in inner peace and
happiness, but are unaware that free choice requires us to change
something within us or in our lives.

When we are in familiar, well-known surroundings - our comfort zone,
we prefer and mistakenly believe we are choosing.
Unlike preference, choice is creation of something new, a change,
and to generate it we have to leave our comfort zone.

We like to learn, investigate, comprehend, but find it difficult to make
a real change and choice - to make a journey.
Sayings such as "I have no choice..., I must...,change is unrealistic
under the present circumstances..." - reflect life led under constraints,
not a life of free choice.

We are here to experience and develop, connect with our soul's vision.
Development involves change.
When we do not carry out the changes we want, life forces us to realize
the wishes we put off the hard way.
How many times did you hear someone say: "I was sick...,
I was injured..., my business burnt down… and only then did I make
the change"?

Don't wait for the kick, the "alarm clock" to force the change
you postponed on you.
Choose to make the change on your own.

Vision is always outside our comfort zone.
If we give meaning to our vision, if we agree to release our habits and
let go of the automatic responses that direct our lives, we will start
to leave our comfort zone and face the prospect of change.

How can we realize our wishes?
Even when we agree to realize our wishes and make a change,
our wishes often remain unrealized.
The cause of that is that we are unaware of the fact that
only complete choice can generate the reality we wish for,
and we lack the skill to make a complete choice.
We have to learn how to release the automatic mechanism
that takes us to results that do not satisfy us any longer,
to choose what we wish for ourselves.

"The Choice Model" - an innovative, unique model, based on
the Ten Commandments, facilitates perceptional and conscious transition
from the automatic code to the code of free choice.
It is a logical and practical tool that enables making a complete choice and making our wishes, both small and big, a reality.

The 10 stages of the model enable us to map all types of psychological blocks that may exist on the way to the wish we define, release these blocks and attain a complete and willful choice.