Meetings and Workshops

Introductory Meeting

A one-time meeting in which the 10 Commandments are introduced.
The interpretation of the 10 commandments will revolutionize your
perception and will raise existential questions such as
"who are you"? and "what is the world"?
After this meeting you will find new answers.
Each commandment is discussed thoroughly, along with practical tools
for implementing the insights in daily life.

The Seminar

The 10 Commandments - The Choice Model

The choice model offers you an authentic, complete, balanced and
more fulfilling approach to life.
A weekend seminar in which you will learn to live by your free will,
allowing you to see life as an opportunity.
This process will serve as the starting point from which to free yourself
from the choices others think is right for you or once you thought
are right for you.
You will learn to make the right choice for you and to live your unique path.
You will be able to create your reality by learning how
to choose your wills a whole and complete choice.


The 10 Commandments - From Bondage to Freedom

10 weekly meetings.
This is a spiritual and psychological journey that turns each commandment
into a deep question.
The examination that follows and the psycho-spiritual process that
accompanies it will bring you to a state of more freedom to make
choices and greater freedom and happiness.
You will transform from preferring to choosing
and you will find your way out of your comfort zone to your real vision,
to create extraordinary life worth living.