Dorit Ben-Dor

Dorit Ben-Dor, one of the best-known
channeler consultants in Israel.
Dorit’s past is different, even unusual, among the community of mediums in Israel.

Her early path in life did not offer any
hint of what was to come.
She served in the IDF as an officer and went on to complete her BA and MBA in economics and business administration.
After finishing her education, she was                                    Website
hired at the Israel Stock Exchange in
Tel Aviv and worked as an executive there for a few years.
While she was aware of her mystical abilities from childhood, she wasn’t prepared to follow that path until 1998.

In 2003, after she decided to embrace her destiny, she received a special text interpreting the Ten Commandments that revolutionizes perception
and helps reach greater personal freedom.

Dorit cunrrently consults individuals and groups how to lead their
journey that is characterized by proactively and free choice and
she teaches the 10 commandments method in an inventive and bright way.
In a unique energetic process Dorit supports the workshop's participants and stimulates the desired change.

The Vision
To free people all over the world from their perception that they are
bounded in their everyday life by their constraints and inevitable circumstances and to allow them to progress to a life full of
passion and choice.