Zion Ohev Zion, CEO at A.Z. Marketing and Businessman
"As part of Dorit's consultation I discovered an interesting and unique view which contributed to me personally and helped me manage my business accurately and well."

Rina Kogan, Company Auditor
"I got the keys to all the closed doors in my consciousness; even to doors I didn't know existed…"

Dr. Orenia Yaffe-Yanai, bestselling author of "Career Your Passion"; senior clinical and employment psychologist, founder of the Adam Institute
"A fascinating growth track, connected to basic values and faith which enables one to take a journey of change and courage filled with compassion and love of mankind. The course is designed out of a deep understanding of a person's soul and its limitations. Work tools enable one to encounter one's original desires and the choices derived therefrom - either intuitive or rational, but always striving to be true to the original."

Zoya Draluk, System Analyst
"I have learnt that at any moment I can choose who I want to be in that moment and how I want to live it. Do I want to live as a victim of life's circumstances or choose to live with an open heart and see what I can learn in each situation and from every person I meet."

Prof. Ofra Mayseless
"An existential doctrine designed to give you a direction and way; where you are going and where the road leads to. The direction and the way are renewing, surprising and even challenging."

Michal Ramot, Broadcaster and Editor at Kol Israel
"Thou shalt have no other gods before Me; Thou shalt not kill; Thou shalt not commit adultery; …" - These instructions and others take on a deep and relevant meaning, with a sharp interpretation which provides tools with which we can set our priorities and make decisions out of an inner conscience and self-wholeness. Dorit has a lovely personality, explains and demonstrates with great wisdom and patience how you can apply the Ten Commandments to our lives so as to make them easier! In my opinion the workshop is suitable for every person who wishes to have an intellectual or spiritual or emotional experience - you can find everything here! Vey highly recommended!"

Chagit On, Holistic Therapist
"Amazing and very much loved guide; I have learnt a lot in this workshop… Mainly I felt very different coming out of it, full of energy and the ability to choose. Thank you Dorit for coming into my life and I thank myself for having selected such a wonderful teacher to accompany me along my way."

Anat Maor
"A very interesting lecture, the Ten Commandments in a clear way which suits everyone's life. Warmly recommend anyone who couldn't make this workshop to attend the next one to be opened."

Nurit Dayan, Businesswoman
"I have realized that the Ten Commandments are both a way of life and an essential tool box."

Dror Meshulam, Healer and Spiritual guide
"Finally innovative and exciting information. It is a great privilege to be such an enlightening and empowering guide! This information should reach everyone! It is an international truth!"